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Chitcago isn't "Mid-west"; it's full of imports from all over the country and elsewhere. I lived in Elk Grove Village (a north west suburb), and worked in downtown Chitcago in the sixties, and saw it first hand then.
There's a hardness or edge to many of the Chicago folk. I lived there a year in Buffalo Grove (near Arlington Heights), one of the NW suburbs. They were more similar to some of the folks from the NY area that I've met here in Sarasot, NY transplants. My college was between Chicago and St Louis. I could always pick out the Chicago area kids. Nothing wrong with them, just different from the traditional MW, more southern version.

Back to baseball, what in the world would have happened in Boston if the Red Sox lost? Can't imagine the physical devastation and the rampaging in the streets.

Did anyone notice there were no riots in St Louis because we lost? We're more polite and better sports. But damned it, we lost. Wait til next year.