I am interested in your feelings on obituaries.

Some of them just say, "Mabel Toadvine of Boxiron died Thursday March 12, 2013. Services by Hollingsworth Funeral Home." I say, "Why bother?" That's all she gets?

Then there are the interminable ones which you can't figure out if they were written by a vain person while still alive, or a pretentious survivor trying to impress you with their love the deceased or relation to him. These are the ones which are like little biographies, but with everything made to sound so very important. They often contain errors/lies but newspapers don't touch obit copy, they print what they are given; I asked.

Then there are the ones made confusing by what was left out. Like: "John von Ah died Thursday.... is survived by his wife Jane Wellington von Ah, his sons Paul-Michel von Ah (Alice) and Ricky Ricardo (Lucy). No explanation for two sons with different last names. Another version of this is when married daughters are listed and grandchildren with unrelated surnames.

Well written obituaries don't leave a lot of questions. I appreciate it when one reads: "Mabel Toadvine died Thursday.... survived by two sons from her marriage to Mark Perdue, Luger Perdue and Ruger Perdue, her husband of 23 years Francis Asbury Toadvine and her daughter Maria Belle Toadvine. "

I use obituaries to track genealogy for my native region. Someday, the grandchildren of these people will use my work to know who they are.... because few people actually track distant relations and extended family lines.