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    Sonna used to be a rational conservative. I've talked to him long distance on the phone before.
    I still am. Theres a very good reason we dont talk anymore.

    He went off the friggin deep end about the same time Gator did...with similiar disasterous results.
    Actually you are describing another individual whom I wont name here. "Similar disastrous results"

    This is a message board, you imbecile. I had and have other priorities which took precedence, and I didnt give CU another thought for years. Rock was kind enough to ask me back, otherwise we wouldnt be having this conversation. I am here because I want to be.

    If anyone has changed, mate, it's you.

    As far as I can see here, the word "conservative" doesnt and never has meant "lockstep" with TXR...and btw, "champ", I really dont care what you think of me. I have far more pressing matters than sitting here worrying about your "opinion".
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