There are so many good articles on Obamacare, that it might be a good idea to have some of them in one location.

High Deductibles Chase the Middle Class from Health Services

...In this report, a young lady rails against the costs of her new ObamaCare-compliant insurance coverage. Her previous policy cost her $199 per month with a $1,500 annual deductible ($3,888 total before 100% insurance coverage kicks in). The closest matching ObamaCare plan will cost her $278 per month with a $6,500 annual deductible ($9,888 total before only 70% coverage kicks in). That's a 252% increase between the plans, and she is still on the hook for 30% of all costs thereafter.

When asked whether the government had any influence over the pricing of health care premiums and deductibles, Dr. Gosberg was unequivocal. "Absolutely. As with states, [ObamaCare] has insurance commissioners that approve the ratings, and there is a time when the government and industry negotiate a price schedule back and forth."

When asked to explain the drivers that resulted in such huge increases in premiums and deductibles, Dr. Gosberg broke down the fundamentals. "Under ObamaCare, you cannot underwrite based on health status. You cannot discriminate between men and women. ObamaCare exchange community ratings are one of the biggest drivers to cost. In free-market insurance, community age ratings range from 1 to 5, youngest to oldest, with the oldest expected to cost five times more than the youngest. In ObamaCare, the ratings only range from 1 to 3. Any insurer with a brain sets premiums for the oldest and works backwards, so the young pay more than they would in the free market."

There is little doubt that the Obama administration and its supporters will begin to blame the private insurance industry for any and all ills brought on by ObamaCare. It's what they do, and since neither George Bush nor the GOP can be effectively blamed, the evil insurance corporations are the likely scapegoats.

It's important in the face of the coming PR attacks on insurers to make clear that the soaring costs are to be blamed solely on ObamaCare, as are the millions of policies being canceled.

Recognize that the next time you twist an ankle or want an aching back checked out, ObamaCare's tentacles will be in your pocket, dissuading you from seeing your doctor.

Simply put, ObamaCare, via massive deductibles, discourages people from seeing doctors when they otherwise would have in the past. That is, unless the people are among the privileged dependent on the government, of course.