Welp... I voted straight GOP ticket this go around. I worked with Cuccinelli's grassroots. He's been pretty sturdy on gun rights and was a good A.G. He was also vital to getting rid of the Real ID in the state. He was one of the first Tea Party candidates to openly endorse their message and win an election. Too bad he's probably going to get beat bad by the Clinton political machine. That douchebag McAuliffe was a big kahuna with Bill and Hillary's runs. McAullife is probably one of the worst candidates the Democratic party has ever put up here. Can't believe that most Virginians are going to vote for this douchebag.

See...I can vote for a good Republican.

In case you didn't know, this is a huge election. This is where the Tea Party makes it's stand. Doesn't look good.

Did I mention McAuliffe was a douchebag?

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