SLW and I both volunteer at a Marine Facility here in Sarasota, FL.

We both work at the Marine Mammals section that has the manatees,
turtles,etc., you get the picture.

It was REALLY dead this morning and there were 7 of us just shooting
the breeze waiting for some people to show. We normally just jabber about
routine stuff in our lives, nothing earth shattering.

SLW and I are out numbered by Libs big time thanks to the Libtard
invasion of SW Florida. Not content with taking over the Miami area,
they have steadily increased their number here in SW Fl., especially
in the city of Sarasota. But I digress...

Walking towards us came a small group of adults and kids. Our senior
ticket taker said out loud there was a Home School group coming today
and this was probably them. WELL!!! You would have thought he
said a group of Nazis was coming!!

We have two Lib guys with the same 1st name. I'll call them Bob.
There is the Evil Bob and Good Bob. Evil Bob probably is a DUer.
The Evil Bob immediately went on a attack of these people saying
we should all be prepared to say the earth is only 6000 years old
and how these people hated science among other "compassionate"
comments. Now being Ebil, even I your Dark Lord was surprised at
the pure venom being spewed by both of the Bobs but mostly Evil Bob.

SLW shut them down with a mild comment and I have to admit I was
very disappointed in Good Bob, I really didn't think he would go
for such a cheap attack against people he didn't even know
but there you go. We are friends with them and they have been over
our house and we to their place. That isn't going to change. Now Evil
Bob I'd just as soon see fall into the Shark tank but that's just me.

Sorry Libtards, but today your brothers acted like a couple of A-Holes.
I'm sure they would get cheers on DU though...

Sarasota (the city) is being infested by these...citizens.