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Thanks. They were stereotyping them as mini ignorant knuckle-draggers. That really ticked me off. Their eagerness to learn and the intelligent questions they asked really touched me. I've endured the snide political putdowns, but this was worse, making fun of the kids.

After teaching years ago in a urban school teeming with apprentice convicts, believe me I appreciate those home schooled kids. That aquarium is a place of joy and tranquility for me, just need to not hang around those people and go by the dolphin pool and hang out with the trainers. They're way nicer.
What you should tell your acquaintances is that liberals home school as well. I have good friends that live a block away that home school their kids and they are about as recycle granola cruncher liberal as you can get.

And the notion that home schoolers are anti-science is belied by my wife's brother who has a home school family with his oldest only recently getting into a rigorous private school. They are highly educated in science; he in computer engineering and his wife a PHD in marine biology.

Those are two instances where the stereotype falls apart. Perhaps I am too close to the issue since they aren't the only ones I know and yes, there are Protestant fundamentalists in the movement that can be a little weird and there can be unscrupulous parents that take advantage of Texas law and pull their kids out of school and do not educate them, but home schooling is an option that more and more are taking and I know more success stories than failures.