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    In NJ, it's the gubernatorial election as well as state assembly and senate as well as some local elections and ballot initiatives. Here's how I'm going to vote:

    Governor-Christie is a shoe in but I simply cannot vote for him after what he did do sabotage the presidential election last year. His opponent ns a moonbat tax and spend Democrat who's running mate Milly Silva is an official with SEIU meaning she's an Obama operative. That leaves the other candidates, most of which are left leaning. From the Green Party to the 9/11 Truther so my vote will be going to the Libertarian candidate Kenneth Kaplan.

    State Senator-The candidates are Republican Niki Trunk and Democratic incumbent Steve Sweeney. Sweeney is a lifelong politician and a moonbat and needs to go so my vote is going to Trunk. Besides, she's pretty hot.

    Assembly-Republicans Larry Wallace and Bob Vanderslice vs Dems John Burzichello and Celeste Riley. As you may remember I took a Democratic volunteer to school, well, these are the Dems. They are also the incumbents so keeping with the G.R.I.P. campaign(get rid of incumbent politicians) I will be voting for the Republicans.

    Surrogate-Republican Tim Codispoti vs. Democratic incumbent Doug Rainear. I know both of these men personally. Timmy is the current chief of the Vineland Police Department and I've known him since he was a rookie. Rainear has had a strong hold in country politics for decades. Tim is younger and fresher. He gets my vote.

    County Freeholders-Republicans Thomas Sheppard, Bill Gonzalez, and Jim Sauro vs Dems Darlene Barber, Rev. Albert Morgan, and Carlos Mercado. I'm torn here. I want to not vote for a Democrat but Rev. Morgan is a great, great man and a former teacher of mine. I can't not vote for him. The county is a dark blue county so he's going to win anyway so I'm voting straight GOP. Sorry Rev. The county needs a change.

    Ballot Questions:

    Constitutional Amendment to allow existing games of chance to support veterans organizations-I didn't know this wasn't already legal. By games of chance they're referring to raffles, bingo, etc. I'm voting yes.

    Constitutional Amendment to set a minimum wage with annual cost of living increases-Not only no but hell no. It's one thing to raise the minimum wage but it's quite another to allow for COL increases. If retirees and I'm not getting COL increases no way unskilled workers should get them not to mention that this will kill jobs in the state.

    So, that's how I'm voting tomorrow.
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    Expect Christie to roll over you unless you change your mind about him!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!

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    The big election around here is the Detroit Mayor's race, and I no longer live in the city. When I die and am buried at Grand Lawn, I suppose I will vote in Detroit elections again.

    It's been a decent campaign and not as ugly as one might think, considering a white guy write-in candidate won the primary overwhelmingly. The guy who was doing the most race-baiting in the primaries (Tom "I'm Joe Louis' nephew") was defeated and has been quiet, after making an initial comment about Duggan (white guy) not being "one of us". Both campaigns have avoided personal attacks and it's been rather civilized.

    I think Duggan is going to win. Both candidates were interviewed on Sunday morning news shows and he came across as best prepared to deal with the financial situation. Benny Napoleon is a good guy and a good cop, but he hasn't saved two major local institutions. Duggan saved the Detroit Medical Center from bankruptcy and about 20 years ago, he saved the bus system (not the city DOT, but the Wayne County suburban system). He also spent a few years as county prosecutor, so he has some law enforcement backround, too.

    Benny Napoleon solved the Nancy Kerrigan beatdown at the Joe. He's run both the DPD and the Wayne County Sheriff's office successfully. He's a good guy, but he doesn't have the financial experience that Duggan has.

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    How I Plan To Vote Tomorrow
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