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  1. #1 NEW: Bees kill 1 dog and injure another 
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    Except for 0bummercare, bees are the only thing in the world I am scared sh*tless of! Terrible thing. I see a bee and I'm in the house like the flash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    The homeowner was a winner.
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    Officers say a colony of Africanized bees was in the attic of a nearby home and attacked the dogs, which had more than 100 stings each.
    Oh shit. Those things are lethal.
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    Speaking of bees.....


    North Las Vegas firefighters and beekeepers spent Thursday afternoon mitigating escaped bees.

    Firefighters responded to a neighborhood near Pecos Road and Carey Avenue after receiving multiple calls about bees.

    They found thousands of bees that had escaped from a tractor trailer hauling a flatbed. It is unclear how the bees escaped.

    Firefighters dressed in mesh equipment to keep from getting stung and used foam to try to control the bees. A beekeeper assisted.

    Kenneth Road and Lillis Avenue, two cul-de-sacs off of Orr Avenue were closed.

    The Clark County School District reported that Faye Herron and Jay Jeffers elementary schools, as well as Ed Von Tobel Middle School, had delays in releasing students after school. Some students were delayed from walking home, as it was inside the bee perimeter.

    At 5 p.m., firefighters were continuing to mitigate the swarm.

    How they escaped:

    "Sounds like the semi-truck driver pulled over to take a nap and the sun was shining on the bees, and they got agitated and started flying off," said Jimmy Stephensen of JS Pest Control.

    When the driver of the truck was told to leave the area the rest of the swarm quickly dissipated.

    There were approximately 450 beehives on the truck, each carrying upwards of 5000 bees.

    Stephensen believes they were likely Africanized honeybees, but pose no imminent danger to the surrounding area.
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