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I think some of the shoppers simply use the scooters because they are there to use. I notice that at many of the smaller stores that do not have scooters the same customers get around fine without one. I know there are several exceptions to this. For instance if a person just had surgery and they are at Super Wal Mart needing items at both ends of the store, I understand why they need to use the scooter.

Some of the people using those scooters are rude assholes. They don't care if they run you over and expect you to jump out of their way when they come down an aisle. I think that fits in with the entitlement mentality.
That's true. I have used the scooter twice, both times due to a problem with my ankle and the fact that the Wizard of Walmart loves to make you go all over the store for stuff. It's irritating even when you are healthy to have to truck to the end of the universe to get toothpaste because Walmart decided you should have to walk through clothes, housewares, hardware, and electronics to get to the bathroom stuff.