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I'm upset that I am not allowed to have an opposite sex domestic partner and add her to my health insurance without being married. Even in states where gay marriage and civil unions are legal that is not a requirement for same sex domestic partners. If I was gay I could add my same sex domestic partner and his/her/it's children to my policy. It's a clear case of favoritism for gays. Of course they do limit you from changing partners on your policy more then twice a year. That could be a problem in both situations.
Your statement are a tad broad. Major corporations "domestic partner" insurance has sometimes been defined by those who aren't eligible to be married, but more often it's not even referred to as DP Benefits rather "employee plus one". Eligible would be any employee plus a domestic partner of either sex, or the employee and a child. It's an increment between individual and family.

There is a lag right now between policy and law where gay marriage has been legalized. This only makes sense when you consider that in California it was legal and then it wasn't and then it was. But the trend in places with legal marriage is to do away with DP in favor of married couples now that marriage isn't discriminatory.