White House Gives “Green Light” To Red State Democrat Senators To Openly Bash Obamacare – However, Permission Includes Deal To “Back Off” Any Legislative Change….


The “Vulnerables” (pictured below) have been given the green light to yell, scream, ridicule, gnash teeth, disparage and belittle President Obama, HHS, The White House and Obamacare. Free reign on the optics, BUT ONLY THE OPTICS.

...At the pleading of senior White House officials, Senate Democrats are holding off on demands to delay major aspects of the health care law until the Obama administration has the opportunity to fix the website problems that are thwarting enrollment in the program.

Democratic senators facing reelection have a green light to bash the White House and call for certain legislative fixes. But they’ve been urged by senior administration officials not to insist on delaying the controversial law’s core: The mandate for individuals to purchase insurance coverage or face penalties......