Thread: Tom Cruise: making movies is like serving in Afghanistan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockntractor View Post
    I have never really understood this, it does take a certain amount of talent, but so do other professions, often the actors or actresses are very attractive but so are a lot of other people.
    Due to their ability to memorize lines in fairytale scrips they suddenly become authorities on politics, parenting, science, health, religion, geology.... pretty much everything.
    I am supposed to bow to their opinions in wonderment although their profession and personal achievements most often have nothing to do with any of these things.
    You are right Ody, we are at the point where government by the people is no longer working, the people are incompetent and our choice in leaders reflects this.
    The only thing the American people have a capacity for is fantasy or the sorts of virtual reality we have created for ourselves living in our phones and tablets.
    It's not that actors are suddenly experts on anything, it's the opposite. Deep down, actors know that they are simply attractive props who spew other peoples' dialogue. They know that what they do isn't really that difficult, compared to the people who actually do what they pretend to do. This makes them incredibly insecure, especially the ones who are hugely successful, but don't really understand how they got there. They know that much of their positioning is just dumb luck (which is why they assume that any success in any other field is the same; they are the ones who believed Obama when he said "You didn't build that."). So, actors feel the need to prove that they are more than just pretty faces. They need to prove that they have brains behind the facade, and while some of them are quite intelligent, they lack any knowledge of how the world works that goes deeper than their last script. They desperately need validation, and they get it the same way that they get it professionally, from the entertainment industry. They spout conventional wisdom and are applauded for repeating what everyone else thinks is true. Of course, their fan base may react differently, at which point they are shocked at the meanness of the response, but it never occurs to them that they provoked the anger by saying something controversial, because in their circles, it's not. This reinforces the bubble and makes Hollywood even more insular.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lanie View Post
    That part stood out to me because not only do people see the actors as the good characters, but the bad ones as well. I've read about actors and actresses on soap operas being threatened. In one case, his wife got threatened. People are still ridiculously angry with Charlene Harris (Sookie Stackhouse novels) for not ending her story the way most of the audience wanted it. She had to cancel tours because people were threatening her. I personally don't care of how she ended her story or her general attitude, but threatening her? People have lost it. They don't realize it's just a story. Cruise might be the tip of the iceberg.
    When Apollo 13 came out, I was surprised that Jim Lovell was still alive, since he wasn't on any of the talk shows, while Tom Hanks was everywhere. That's when I realized how backwards our culture was getting in this regard. I'd have been much more interested in hearing from the actual commander of the mission than the guy who played him in the movie, but apparently, I was one of the few.
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    There are people who take movies and television so seriously that they see a movie like The Day After Tomorrow and look at it as a documentary.
    "Inequality is a false notion propagated by those who are made to feel guilty for what they have by those who are jealous for what they don't"-Former MTV Host Kennedy
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    There are people who take movies and television so seriously that they see a movie like The Day After Tomorrow and look at it as a documentary.
    Or think that Martin Sheen is their President.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanie View Post
    Actually, I was seriously wondering something similar. I was wondering if there might be a diet or something that might be affecting his brain. I know he supposedly stays up all night as part of his faith. That has to affect his brain.

    Have you ever noticed that celebrity members of the cult of scientology are not the brightest of the bunch? I like some of them, although I don't really care for Cruise.

    John Travolta, Kirstey Alley, Cruise-none of them are Mensa members.
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    I have never understood the fascination with Tom Cruise. There are better looking guys. There are better actors. There are better actors who are also better looking.

    Now having said that, it took me years to warm up to Brad Pitt. I thought he looked and sounded like a Hollywood street hustler. Over the years, he's morphed into a replacement for Robert Redford. Now I will grant you that Redford doesn't come off as a genius, but we did like him in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Way We Were, and This Property Condemned.
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