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  1. #1 The Link Between Sunspots, Global Cooling And Agenda 21 
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    The Link Between Sunspots, Global Cooling And Agenda 21

    David Hathaway, head of solar physics research at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville Ala. has spoken to the Wall Street Journal about the weakness of solar cycle 24.

    "I would say it is the weakest in 200 years."

    Hathaway is one of many scientists that are wondering why this cycle is so weak and why the polarity of the magnetic fields on the Sun is out of sync. Normally the magnetic fields on the Sun flip over at the maximum of the cycle. In cycle 24 that hasn’t happened. The north magnetic pole flipped last year, so now technically there are two south poles on the Sun as the south hasn’t yet flipped.(source)

    Hathaway and his team at Marshall Solar Physics predict that the maximum sunspot number for cycle 24 will be around 65 which makes it the smallest cycle since 1906. If it drops just a tad under the predicted level then it could indeed be the weakest for 200 years.

    So why does it matter?

    Well an increasing number of scientists from several different fields have gathered enough evidence to show that conditions on the Sun affect the climate here on Earth and that the smaller and longer the solar cycle is then the colder it will be on Earth for the next decade or even several decades according to some scientists.

    There is evidence to back up the theory. Solar cycles have an average length of 22 years; 11 years leading up to the maximum, and the other 11 leading down to the minimum after which a new cycle begins. It’s common, however, to refer to the solar cycle as lasting on average 11 years, meaning the time taken from the start of the cycle to the maximum of the cycle.(source)

    Verified historical data shows that when there has been a small solar cycle, cold weather follows. These periods of cold are referred to as minimums. There have been several. Scientists know about them by tree ring analysis, which correlates closely with the activity on the Sun, and ice core analysis which is a good record of temperature going back many thousands of years. This data, coupled with direct observation allows a relatively accurate picture to emerge....

    The planet has not warmed since 1998. Solar cycles 21, 22 and 23 were not particularly active – with cycle 23 being the weakest of the three. With solar cycle 24 coming in much weaker still, at just over half the size of cycle 23 there is cause to worry for the future.

    Solar cycle 25, which will peak between 2022 and 2025 could according to Hathaway be the“weakest in centuries”. This does not bode well. NASA published this information in 2006 yet the public has not been warned in any way that there’s a distinct possibility that life is going to get cold, very cold. There has been no advice from the government to insulate/harden our homes against the cold. No advice to stock up on food in case the growing season is affected, nothing. They are still pushing the warming agenda, determined to extract their green tax dollars to the very end....
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    Far too many careers now depending on GW. Cooling??? Just part of Warming.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    Far too many careers now depending on GW. Cooling??? Just part of Warming.
    This is why I keep proposing that we switch the meme to Global Lukewarming, in which parts of the planet get warmer and parts get cooler. The sale of carbon credits in the warmer parts and carbon debits in the cooler parts can be aligned to zero out, ensuring that the warming and cooling maintain stasis (and I get stinking rich).
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