Love at the Jersey shore

Is the writing on the wall for Chris Christie?

Anyone who needs further proof that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had best stay away from a presidential run will find it in the double-whammy aimed at him yesterday.

First, an NBC poll shows that in a head-to-head match-up with presumed Democrat 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton, Christie trails by ten points.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could face a strong challenge not only from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if he seeks the presidency in 2016 but also from his own party, a new NBC News poll reveals. >>>

The poll's analysis highlights divisions in the GOP with respect to a putative Christie candidacy, with conservatives, Tea Party members, and party members in the regions outside the Northeast either poorly disposed or outright hostile to him.

This poll result, after Governor Christie's landslide re-election victory as governor of New Jersey, must be sobering reading for him and his team. It should also be sobering reading for the GOP.


Yes. Why should dems vote for Christie when they can get 'the real deal' in Clinton? And why would conservatives be exited about a candidate with 2nd amendment and immigration views such as his? And thats not all ...