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    I don't frequent DU because I see plenty of idiocy elsewhere in this world, but I did want to comment.

    A recent issue of National Geographic had a lengthy story about the Norks. Told from the perspective of a journalist visiting that hellhole (and one who was certainly "minded" by his government "minders" more than a few times), one of the things the author said was most North Koreans have read and re-read Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind."

    It was probably one of Dear Leader's fave publications and it was required reading for the rest of the Sheeple, but I thought that was interesting enough to mention it here.

    It seems the term "foreign films" is relegated to the "watching of illicit South Korean TV dramas and some with prostitution”.

    Come to think of it, that's not a far cry from "Gone With the Wind."
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