OK, it's me against Noon, mano y mano, to present our candidates vs one another. I'll be arguing for Sarah Palin and Noon will be arguing for Hillary Clinton(or some other Democrat of her choice). We'll put our opinions on what we think is each candidates qualifications then we'll ask each other questions of each of our candidate. Others are invited to join in. I'll start:

Sarah Louise Palin, R-AK

Age: 49
Marital Statis: Married(Todd Palin)
Children: 5

Qualifications: Wasilla, AK town council(1992-1996), Mayor of Wasilla(1996-2002), President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors(1999-2002), Chairperson of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission(2003-2004), Governor of Alaska(2006-2009)

Every position Palin has had she earned. She had an approval rating as Alaska governor as high as 93% and never got below 54%. But popularity numbers only matter to Democrats. She cut spending in her state, sold the governor's jet, refused a $25K pay raise, and spent 80% less on gubernatorial expenses then her predecessor. She also lived at home instead of a governor's mansion. And the only scandals she was involved in where the ones the left created. She stands for smaller government and less government intrusiveness. And the biggest thing that the left hates and what makes her perfect for the job? She's been the target of some of the most vile and disgusting rhetoric thrown at her and her family(including her son who has downs syndrome) and she ends up being the grown up by not lashing out the way the leftists home she would. There isn't a Democrat out there who has her integrity.