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  1. #1 McDermott: I Havenít Seen This Much Panic on the Floor Since 9/11 
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    McDermott: I Havenít Seen This Much Panic on the Floor Since 9/11

    Rep. Jim McDermott (D., Wash.) said ďI havenít seen this much panic on the [House] floor since 9/11″ in response to the House Republican proposal allowing insurers to offer healthcare plans scheduled to be cancelled under Obamacare Friday morning:

    JIM MCDERMOTT: Mr. Speaker, my mother used to say, patience is a virtue. I havenít seen so much panic on this floor since 9/11.

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    Reminder: Jim McDermott is the Democrat who received and published an illegal wiretap of Newt Gingrich's cell phone and who went to Iraq to meet with Saddam Hussein, and then claimed that he trusted Saddam's word more than Bush's. He is a partisan hack who will break laws and slander his opponents for any political advantage, and nothing that he says should be taken as anything but the words of a serial liar.
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