I was pulling out with the 1 ton and felt the truck rolling over a bump, suddenly their is hollering yelping, all hell is breaking loose under the truck, I looked in the side mirror and their is poor Mr. Wooley under the duals on the driver side.
I rolled ahead off from him and he limped off clearly upset, 14 years old and gets run over by a one ton, poor dude. He used to get out from underneath right away when the engine started but for the last couple months I have been having to call him out from under before I go,the truck didn't start and he crawled back under when I hooked up the charger/booster, i didn't remember to check when I got back in and started to leave.
His hearing has been getting bad and he was starting to lose his bladder from time to time in the house, he didn't mean to, he would just wake up in a puddle. Mr. Wooley has owned us for a lot of years, he was born under the house to Ginger who was the great great granddaughter of our first dog Andy that we found on the road run over, about the time we married.
Wooleys sister fell in a well and drowned when they were six weeks old and after that Ginger would drop Wooley off at his dads to baby sit during the day while she was out hunting and then go pick him up in the evening.
Wooley eventually started spending most of his time with dad, but dad met with his demise when he tangled with a mountain lion down in the crick bed.
Wooley moved back home and stayed here, he barks when he wants in or out, barks if he is hungry or wants petting, always two sharp short barks, when wooley speaks people listen.
I thought he was a goner, 14 years old and run over squarely by a one ton. He moped around about 3 days said he was feeling a little run down, strangely enough this has been about a month ago and he is no longer incontinent and is good as new.
He still sleeps under the truck but he is gone instantly if you touch the door handle.