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    San Diego State U. Students Awaken To Obamacare Realities

    Young Americans are now being woken from dreams of healthcare nirvana, to discover the nightmare that awaits them by the realities of Obamacare.

    San Diego State University student Emily Yavitch describes her classmates’ reactions during a meeting with Affordable Care Act promoters, who recently went to the school:

    Affordable Care Act promoters are visiting public universities across the state of California, and recently they stopped by San Diego State University, where the 60 or so students who attended their forum learned some interesting facts and advice about health care and Obamacare, some of which they weren’t too pleased to discover.

    Here’s what went down:

    1. If students make a low enough amount of money, the representatives said they would prefer – and in fact encouraged – enrollment in Medi-Cal as opposed to paying for a private plan. Otherwise one cannot qualify for subsidies. And what a tragedy that would be, to have to actually pay for something.

    2. And it turns out, they do have to pay for some things. Students will now have to pay insurance fees in addition to the health center fees tacked onto most college’s student fees. So much for the Affordable Care Act relieving students’ financial strain.

    3. The determinant of what sort of plan you qualify for is all based on income (not silly things like age, sex or preexisting conditions). For students struggling to pay for college, they learned that financial aid counts as part of income. So getting the money to help pay for college can ultimately determine that a student does not qualify for as many subsidies, so must bear the burden of health insurance independently. That visibly upset a few people in the room.

    4. People may only change their insurance plan once a year. Under the current system, a person with a private plan can switch their insurance every month if they are so inclined. But under the new law, except for this year when the enrollment period is extended, people can only get insurance in the seven-week enrollment period. Which means if someone neglects to get insurance, they go without it for a year (which seems to fly in the face of the intended purpose of the law, which was to insure every single American.)

    The knowledge they would not necessarily be able to have the same doctor, and that there would be a penalty for not buying insurance, was news (and not the welcome kind)...
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    I am really looking forward to when the generation of disappointed liberals who will be leaving college with no prospects suddenly realize that conservatives were right after all. I remember when the guys that I went to school with began to loathe Jimmy Carter. Our professors were completely unprepared for that and had no way of dealing with it. The current crop are even more inbred and incapable of addressing conservative arguments without flying into a rage. This is going to be fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odysseus View Post
    The current crop are even more inbred and incapable of addressing conservative arguments without flying into a rage. This is going to be fun.
    It would be fun....if only we were watching from the sidelines. But we ain't.

    Four boxes keep us free: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.

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