Alec Baldwin pleads ignorance that 'c***sucker' is a homophobic slur after GLAAD calls him out for anti-gay tirade - AGAIN

  • Alec Baldwin has been accused of using anti-gay slurs at least five separate times - including this past summer
  • GLAAD said Baldwin's use of anti-gay slurs was 'degrading' and urged him to stop
  • Baldwin claimed he didn't know that 'c***sucker' is a homophobic epithet
  • Actor was angry at paparazzi photographers who had gotten to close to his wife Hilaria and daughter

By Michael Zennie
PUBLISHED: 20:10 EST, 14 November 2013 | UPDATED: 14:35 EST, 15 November 2013

Alec Baldwin is again the target a criticism from gay rights groups after he was caught on camera calling a photographer a 'c***sucker' - and possibly worse. claims Baldwin called a photographer a 'c***sucking f**' as he was leaving his New York City apartment Thursday following the sentencing of his stalker, Genevieve Sabourin.

The '30 Rock' star claims he never used the word 'f**' - and pleaded ignorance when he was publicly taken to task for using the term 'c***sucker.'

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