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    This was not screened for movie critics, who are mostly liberal and would savage it, so I paid to see it, this afternoon. The studio was stupid in not sending me a screener, so I could have posted this very favorable review earlier. I liked it a lot.

    I was shocked with how good it is. I expected it to me stupid, since conservatives aren't known for their sense of humor and most attempts come off as stupid exercises in ideology. But this wasn't that. It was hilarious. Yes, some of the jokes and gags were stupid, but most weren't. I found myself laughing in humor--and also in agreement--with this movie more than I do many mainstream major movie comedies.

    The plot: It's the Fourth of July, and a goofy grandfather, Leslie Nielsen, is telling his grandchildren a fairy tale about the grinch who stole Independence Day. Only it's not a grinch. It's Michael Moore, er . . . "Michael Malone." And it's a true story, not a fairy tale.

    Moore/Malone wants to eliminate the Fourth of July and has enlisted a number of liberal groups to do it with him. Meanwhile, Islamic terrorists want to recruit Moore to do a terrorist movie for them, to make it easier to recruit jihadists. Moore's nephew is in the military and wants Uncle Mike to understand why what he's doing is harming America. It takes three ghosts of characters past--John F. Kennedy, General George S. Patton, and George Washington--to teach Michael Moore, er . . . "Malone" a lesson. Yes, it's a take-off of Scrooge or "It's a Wonderful Life."

    There are so many funny, oh-yeah, yes-yes-yes! moments in this movie, I laughed out loud a lot and so did the other people in the theater.

    Surprisingly, a lot of B-list celebs made cameos in the movie, in addition to the starring role played by Kelsey Grammer (Gen. Patton). The list includes Paris Hilton, Kevin Sorbo, Gary Coleman, David Alan Grier, Jon Voight, James Woods, and Dennis Hopper (thought he was a big lib, but I guess I'm wrong).

    The movie does a great job of skewering everything from ACLU lawyers to Rosie O'Donnell (the actress playing her is a dead-ringer and spot on) to to Hollywood . . . and, of course, Michael Moore and his "Sicko" documentary. The best two parts are when Rosie O'Donnell shows a documentary about radical Christian terrorists on the "O'Reilly Factor" (yes, that's a downer in the movie--the repeated presence of blowhard and pseudo-conservative Loofah/Falafel champ O'Reilly); and when we are shown the famed HOLLYWOOD sign in the Hills changed to an "ALLAHU AKBAR" sign and signs for "Victoria's Burka" lingerie stores.

    The ending was kinda sappy and not believable. I would have preferred the "Team America: World Police" ending for Michael Moore. But this'll do. The only other negative is the repeated jokes about how he's only a documentarian, not a feature film maker. But documentaries have their place, when they're done accurately and correctly and illuminate an important issue or subject. That's the point--what Moore makes isn't documentary, it's propaganda.

    If anyone from the producing team of "An American Carol" is reading this review, please, I beg of you, send me the prop poster of Michael Moore/"Malone's" movie, "Die You American Pigs." (His other movies are "Shame on You, America," and "America Sucks a Big One.") It's funny seeing Moore in the poster with a keffiyeh around his neck and an AK-47 in his arms. It's what we know Moore is really about. If only he'd admit to it in real life.

    Let's hope that "Carol" is just a start for movies like it and a prelude to a lot more. You don't have to be a conservative to love this movie, just a proud American. Funny and worth the money.
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    The guy who plays Michael Moore is Chris Farley's brother !
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    i saw a preview last night on the O' Reilly Factor i'm going to see it too.:)
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    "Kevin Sorbo"

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    Ill have to see it next week!
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