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Ody I respect you greatly, you are very concise and intelligent and our Army is very fortunate to have you but that being said the republican brand name has been tarnished by the very party (and by outsiders as well) demographically conservatives are dying breed (much to this countries sorrow) I really hope you are right though
In this case, it's not simply about being conservatives. Even the RINOs see that they have been screwed over, and they are going to close ranks over this. They consider themselves part of the senate "club" and they've just been snubbed in an extremely humiliating manner. The various "Gang of..." Republicans who've put themselves out to prevent just this kind of thing when the Democrats were in the minority are going to remember this when Reid demands that they give him back what he took from them.

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Well lookie here:

Obama personally lobbied on filibuster rule change

The Wall Street Journal came out with this report late yesterday afternoon that Obama Personally Lobbied Senators to Curb Filibuster:

Professor Jacobson speculated as much, in a post entitled Naked Emperor.
This, he lobbies for? He couldn't be bothered to let his State Department sign off on a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq, which resulted in the complete loss of everything that we fought for, and he can't be bothered to check in and see the progress on his signature achievement, but he can fight for this? Somebody needs to schedule more tee times for him. The country is better off when he's on the golf course.