I've been following a lot of stories about Obama destroying the US military like this one. I have thought for a long time that TPTB are hell bent on replacing our national military with a mercenary force. Much of this has already begun with Blackwater (Academi) and CACI. This article adds fuel to the fire.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince on why private militaries are the future

...Prince argues that hired soldiers have been with America ever since the first private military contractor — Christopher Columbus — landed in the New World. Prince imagines a future where private military contractors (PMCs) help America maintain its commitments abroad while not breaking the treasury. In much the same way NASA sets standards for SpaceX, he thinks the federal government can rely on PMCs to get a realistic assessment of how much things ought to cost by turning to the private sector. “You have FedEx and UPS that you can immediately get a price check with,” says Prince.

“The military can do a lot more with its existing structure, but it needs to get rid of a lot of the overhead,” Prince says. “When you have more Navy admirals than you have ships you’ve got a problem. Spend more on teeth and less on tail. The tail has been getting fatter and fatter and fatter and it’s time to put that side of the military on a diet.”

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