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    The STL Cardinals have always been my favorite team. But I have a confession. This Christmas I got SR (and me) each a Baltimore Orioles cap, so we'll blend in with crowd at the spring training games in Sarasota, the spring home of the Orioles. The Cards don't come here to play, so don't feel that we're being too disloyal.

    Of course I got another Cards Christmas ornament for our tree to join our growing collection. There are no Orioles ornaments decorating that tree.

    My other excuse (see, I'm getting like the Dems trying to explain why Obamacare failure is the fault of the Republicans) is that the Baltimore Orioles used to be the old St Louis Browns. But I wasn't around when they were the Browns, but my great uncles were fans, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

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    be for the cardionals and leave that other team
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