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  1. #1 White House: Could extend Obamacare deadlines again 
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    White House: Could extend Obamacare deadlines again

    Scrambling to get as many people as possible health coverage by Jan. 1 despite Obamacare's botched roll-out, the Obama administration ordered insurers to give customers a slight break on bill payments, and "strongly" suggested a series of other breaks Thursday.

    And administration officials also warned they may again extend the Dec. 23 deadline for enrolling in Obamacare insurance plans for the start of the new year should "exceptional circumstances pose barriers to customers enrolling by that date" via and other government-run health exchanges. Those exchanges have seen drastically fewer numbers of people sign up for health plans than originally projected.

    "We are providing additional flexibility to consumers across the country to ensure they have access to coverage options that begin on Jan. 1, 2014," said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, as she announced the latest series of measures.

    Sebelius urged insurers to begin covering enrollees by Jan. 1, even if those people make their first premiums payment later in January. Aetna has already said it will allow Obamacare plan enrollees until Jan. 8 to make their first premium payments for plans beginning Jan. 1.

    She also announced that HHS is now requiring that insurers accept payments as late as Dec. 31 for selected Obamacare plans that will begin Jan. 1, instead of leaving that payment deadline up to the insurers.

    And she strongly urged insurers to accept partial premium payments for coverage that begins that day.

    She also is now also urging insurers to cover people by Jan. 1 even if they select plans after the current Dec. 23 deadline set by HHS. That would include allowing people to have coverage retroactively effective Jan. 1 even if they actually sign up later in the month, which would let people who are eligible for tax subsidies to offset their insurance purchases apply them for that month.

    And HHS is allowing a "special enrollment period" that will give people who had problems with the federal and state-run Obamacare exchanges more time than they would have had to sign up and get coverage by Jan. 1. ...
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    I think at this point in time it's a given. But I think it will be longer then just the first of the year, more likely at the soonest end of Jan. maybe Feb.

    But the more they push it back nearer to the elections, the worse it is for the Dims. When the penalties hit, the backlash will too. Plus Obama must have it this year.
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    The Medicaid offices are also having trouble trying to sign up all the new recipients that were kicked to them.

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