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  1. #1 Dear Whiny White People: 
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    Here's one I missed that someone recently pointed out to me.
    HarveyDarkey (8,177 posts)

    Dear Whiny White People: Great rant from a Native American Facebook friend
    Dear Whiny White People:

    When you can look at your family history and see where people of color kidnapped your ancestors and hauled them off in chains. You can be offended by the word cracker.

    When you can look back and see where your ancestors were sold by people of color.
    You can be offended by the word cracker.

    When you can show where your ancestors were discriminated against by people of color because you were white. You can be offended by the word cracker.

    When you can show how your ancestors were set upon with dogs and fire hoses by people of color. You can be offended by the word cracker.

    When you can show that people of color voted and were kind enough to grant you rights. You can be offended by the word cracker.

    When you can show that somehow your life hasn't been just a wee bit better than a person of color's just because you are white. You can be offended by the word cracker.

    But until that time STFU
    So speaks the perpetually offended who blames everything in their life on "racism" and refuses to take responsibility for him/herself pretty much guaranteeing that they never amount to anything or have any happiness.

    Most DUers, instead of declaring that racism is racism no matter what color the skin is of the person who is using racist language or discriminating against someone based on their skin color, get into a pissing match arguing about how "their minority group" past or present is/was just as oppressed. Some though do push back.
    heaven05 (4,421 posts)
    29. please

    truth hurts, huh? huh? I find it a refreshing history course. Oh and by the way, race relations are not moving forward. SCOTUS is trying to put us back to the times mentioned in this post, Rand Paul and rethug radio and television ginning up the redneck and racist unwashed masses to hate every skin color non white. You got your LGBT rights and voice, people of color are losing theirs to racist crackers on SCOTUS and in many state houses. So please.
    I must have missed it that SCOTUS is re instituting slavery.

    But of course requiring EVERYONE to show ID to vote is "hating every skin color non white". It's interesting that blacks think that the party that says that blacks are too ignorant? dumb? incapable? to obtain ID like everyone else is not racist, and the party that considers them equal and quite capable of obtaining ID to be the "racist party".
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    33. This isn't a pissing match

    LGBT people in America still do not have the same rights as other minorities, not even close.
    heaven05 (4,421 posts)
    43. well

    like I said, the way minorities are losing theirs, your LGBT community has no worries. But this talk is a distraction from........yeah but if you're white, gay and male/female your right to vote has never been abridged and it is not facing further abridgement with SCOTUS turning back the clock to the 40's-50's when it was open season on minorities. Doesn't equate.
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    141. That's your opinion.

    Hatred is still hatred. To claim that whites are not allowed to be offended by any racial slur is dumb. While we have a lot of whites in this country that deserve to be called damn near every name in the book, the same could be said of any group of people. Broad brushes are the tools of racists and bigots. I'll stick to picking people out one by one.

    I have nothing to be forgiven and forgotten for. To say that it's okay for anyone to call me a cracker is just because I'm white and all whites deserve to be called cracker is fucking ignorant. Am I offended by the word? Hell no. It takes a helluva lot to offend me and that ain't it. Do I think it's divisive and argumentative in this thread? Absolutely.

    I don't hate any group of people enough to call them a racist or bigoted name. Except for those that are founded on racism and bigotry. Call them whatever the fuck you want.

    Those that are using this OP as an excuse to wave any type of flag are not fighting for their rights. They're promoting hatred and separation. This OP has done nothing but try to blame all the 'whiny white people' for crap that most of us have zero control over. Much of which happened before any of us were born.

    I'll fight for the rights of everyone, but start poking me and trying to lay blame on my shoulders and I'll tell anyone to go fuck themselves and I don't care what color, religion, race, faith, gender, flavor or texture they are.
    Stop child abuse/neglect. is just one of several organizations that need your help. Fear keeps them silent. Give them a voice.
    heaven05 (4,421 posts)
    376. I

    speak from personal experience. Not judging what the mind set of the original poster was. What the original poster wrote was the truth about amerikkkan culture, historically and currently. So I agree with what he/she wrote. Like it or not there are racist 'crackers' out there and racist 'rednecks' too. The term comes from slave overseers 'crackin' the whip on some black person or to strike fear. 'Rednecks' from the color of the overseer's skin while out in the sun 'crackin' that whip. zimPIG is a modern 'cracker' 'redneck. His crack came from the sound of that weapon discharging into Trayvon's HEART! I do not broad brush the whole white or white looking racial group. I was involved in civil rights marches with a rainbow of people. I have taken heart with my discourse with you. I have learned and tried to offer learning materials. For that I'm grateful. Yet, bad form? No, I respectfully disagree. The original OP was the truth. No, ifs, ands or buts about it. The truth about this racist, culturally backward and ignorant society that we have now is disheartening. I have an Armenian friend, he has educated me on the Turkish slaughter of his people in the early 19th century. I never meant to imply that certain sub groups/cultures of the white race has not had atrocities committed against them. Yet the original OP stands on it's own merit and I will not retract any statement I made or disagree with original poster of OP. You seem like a reasonable and intelligent human being with empathy, maybe even that individual in that photo. Again, bravo. But while I don't really see many problems for whites in this society, NSA spying, notwithstanding, your rights are entrenched as far as that is possible in our current american system. Blacks just lost an important voting right. SCOTUS, your original photo of thomas, took that right with some legalese that will allow the individual states to go back to voting suppression like in the 'early' days. Bigots are gleeful over that. I've listened in public. These next two elections WILL prove my point. Yes we are all human beings that need to coexist, tell that to the one who would like to shoot a kid wearing a hoodie, carrying candy and a tea. That's only prominent because. It is open season on blacks and browns in this country. Till the racist 'redneck' and 'cracker' stops being a bigot, won't be no peaceful coexistence. Lot of UNNECESSARY work still to do for blacks to regain full voting and civil rights. Sad but nuff said. backatcha
    heaven05 (4,421 posts)
    281. bubble living

    is it fun? Yeah, I'll never forget a picture of Trayvon Martin lying dead in the grass, a bullet in his heart. I would not wish for you to offer any apology or forgivness for that, it might be out of character for you. Zimmerman was a racist, bigoted 'cracker'. Don't like that? Tough! The OP points out the ongoing problem of race created by the racist mindset that he was pointing out as part of the cultural beginnings of amerikkka that has continued to contribute to the divisiveness in amerika. I am so glad you don't hate? If one of your friends or relatives uses the nword, do you point out the hate and divisiveness that embodies the character of that word? I don't expect you will answer that. I did a study one time of all the negative words associated to the word n..... as used by amerikkkans of the white culture. The list is very long. For your edification and/or research IF it's your desire, jigaboo, pickaninny are two, and that should get you started. Words still in use today. Your outrage at the word 'cracker'? Okay, your right. The OP shows where it started and why the racist hate continues. I truly would like to see all racial, gender, sexual orientation hate in the dustbin of history. Will it happen? Only time will tell.
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    202. Well, I can see the

    point your friend is trying to make, sort of, but...

    using persecution as justification for epithets of any kind, I guess in your friend's mind it would be OK for descendants of people killed and persecuted by the Nazis during WWII to call Germans "krauts"?

    And for American soldiers held in Japanese prison camps to call them "Japs" or "slant eyes"?

    Or for guys like John McCain...tortured by the North call them "gooks"?

    Or for any group of people that's ever been oppressed by another group of people to call them whatever nasty things they want to?

    How about about nobody gets to call someone any nasty names at all?

    What do I know...I was raised by wolves.
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    207. The OP had nothing to do with justifying the term "cracker."

    Just because it doesn't have the potency of the word "n**ger" - note the asterisks - doesn't mean it's perfectly fine to throw around. But that's not even the point - the point is that white people have never been persecuted as white people on a mass level, in this society. Discrimination for other reasons - nationality, religion, sexual orientation - against people who happen to be white, is not the same thing at all. Yet some people seem to almost intentionally conflate the two.
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    33. This isn't a pissing match

    LGBT people in America still do not have the same rights as other minorities, not even close.
    Ah, so this person is admitting that minorities have "special rights" and that gays should have some too. Glad to finally see one of them admit it.
    The Obama Administration: Deny. Deflect. Blame.
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    Hmmm, that doesn't apply to me or anyone I know as the only "whiney white people" I'm familiar with are those of a liberal, democrat or moonbatty persuasion such as those who inhabit the wretched hive of scum and villainy known as the Democrat Underground Message Board, aka The D.U.M.B.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zathras View Post
    Hmmm, that doesn't apply to me or anyone I know as the only "whiney white people" I'm familiar with are those of a liberal, democrat or moonbatty persuasion such as those who inhabit the wretched hive of scum and villainy known as the Democrat Underground Message Board, aka The D.U.M.B.
    Well said

    " To the world you are just one more person, but to a rescued pet, you are the world."

    A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!"

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    Its another pissing contest over who's the biggest ' victim ' in the room; the winner gets to treat other people like sh*t.
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    Any bets on the possibility that this "Native American Facebook friend" has adopted some corny Indian name in addition to being Ruth Horowitz "Thundercloud" O'Brien? Any bets that her claim to being American Indian is based on an old uncle or grandfather telling her as a child that her great grandmother was a "Cherokee princess"?

    Something these idiots never acknowledge is that the "genocide" of the American Indian never happened. The "European diseases" were actually from Africa, may well have predated Columbus from African or Asian explorers, and would have been visited upon the Indian population through diplomacy and trade as easily as through conquest. They also never view the past in context, ie a less advanced society being overtaken by a modern people much the same way the British were expressed into the Roman sphere and age.
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    "Dear Whiny White People"??
    It seems to me, that it is the DU libtards that are doing the whining...

    Just sayin'.....

    Social Order at the expense of Liberty is hardly a bargain - Marquis de Sade
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