Seems to me Lowcut0s is in a slump.

The problem here is that he has relatives that actually got an education of some marketable value and happen to get out of bed every morning, go to work, and as a result are making it (despite Obama's best efforts).

Lowcut knows that he is too fuc#ing lazy to do any of that since sleeping until noon and posting on DU in his underwear in his parent's basement is the only reality he has ever known.

He is a perfect case study in why liberalism is anathema to the human spirit - that being to feel productive, live free and soar to the very peaks of one's God bestowed potential in life.

The very sad truth is that his fellow travelers at DU will undoubtedly reassure him that he is leading a full and meaningful life and it is his successful, capitalistic relatives who are causing the problem. They should be more like him - quit their jobs, move back in with their parents, sleep till noon and spend all day in their Haynes size 44 underwear posting on DU.

He is beyond our help... he is in Obama's hands now.