I'm a gay drama queen---assuming this retarded post is real...

Fri Dec 20, 2013, 01:35 PM
Coolest Ranger

I ended a life long friendship today because .....

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I had a good friend that I have known all of my life. We went to elementary school together, we went to high school together and we have kept up with each other through facebook. When I came out last year he was the first person to tell me that he had my back and that he wasn't going to let anything change between us.

This cat was so cool. He would post the craziest things on facebook. I enjoyed his posts. I never once hit on him because I knew he was a married man. So we had a conversation about why women dressed provocatively in church. HE started sharing his experiences with women who love to cheat on men. So I told him from the gay view point that I go through the same thing on the gay side and have herd the same excuses. So my former friend being the curious man he was wanted to know what I had went through. So when I went to bed last night I didn't give it a second thought.

The next thing I know his wife and sister making comments like, "I'm going to keep an eye on him." sister said, "Yea me too." and I respond, "What the hell you mean you going to keep an eye on me?" Treating me like I'm about to come in between their marriage when in the entire time I've known my friend I never ever hit on him. Then they said we don't want to hear about your adventures with men. Don't you ever post stuff like that on my husband's page.

So naturally I sent my friend a PM and told him if he doesn't get his family in line and set them straight, we're done. The sister than tells me to ACT LIKE A FUCKING MAN." that was her quote. So I responded to all of them saying, "I am not going to sit here and be accused of doing something I know I didn't do. I have been friends with your husband a long damn time. I've known him all my life. He has no problems with me being gay but apparently you two do. If you are going to dictate what I can and can't post on my best friends page when he asked me to talk about my experiences, then with all due respect FUCK THE BOTH OF YOU. I don't need this drama in my life and i"m unfriending all three of you. Bye."

That's what I did. I unfriended my childhood friend, I then blocked his hateful wife and his hateful sister. It hurt because the dude was my friend but I'm getting over it. I'm NOT going to tolerate bigotry here but it's hard down here in the south and I suspect that it's not the last time I'm going to have to do this.