Ohio Joe (13,981 posts)

Hey Cracker Barrel... Fuck You
OK... They want to return to selling duck shit to please racist shit bags... That is bad enough but this:

"we apologize for offending you."

They apologize for offending bigots...

Fuck you Cracker Barrel... Just fuck you.
Liberals think they corner the market on being offended. If THEY are offended then the person who offended them must be destroyed and others must agree and work to destroy those who offended them. But if others are offended then they are just bigots and everyone should at best ignore them and at worst destroy them.
Vashta Nerada (1,518 posts)
3. I gave them my two cents.

Fucking disgusting.
Ohio Joe (13,981 posts)
5. I could care less if they carried the shit or not...

They fucking apologized to bigots for offending them. Think about this... They made a choice to apologize to those that want to spread hate so they could keep their business... Seriously fucked up
Liberalspeak for someone not agreeing with them-"spreading hate".
Star Member n2doc (29,595 posts)
6. Yeah a real apology

Not one of those "If we offended anyone, we apologize" weenie ones. I guess they really are sorry for doing the right thing. Fuck em. I hope the folks boycotting Rush and Chick fil a add Crackers Barrel to the list.