‘Duck Dynasty’ creator Scott Gurney starred in indie ‘gay porn’ film

The producer and creator of the A&E show “Duck Dynasty” once starred in a dark, homoerotic indie film about the gay porn industry called “The Fluffer.”

BuzzFeed reported Friday that in 2001, Scott Gurney played a “gay-for-pay” meth addict who acts in erotic videos. The film premiered that year at the Toronto Film Festival.

“The Fluffer” revolved around the destructive relationship between Gurney’s character and a gay college student — played by Michael Cunio — employed to keep Gurney aroused on set during filming.

For now, noted BuzzFeed reporter Kate Arthur, the film remains proudly displayed on Gurney’s IMDB page.

The revelation provides an interesting — and some would say amusing — counterpoint to the media flap that has swept up around anti-LGBT and racist remarks by “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson...

The Guy Who Created "Duck Dynasty" Starred In A Movie About Gay Porn