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It's shocking the hell out of me that the MSM has Obama's back
Posted by cali on Sun Oct-05-08 06:23 PM

I still don't trust them not to stick a knife in it sometime over the next month but over the last couple of weeks- and particularly over the past few days- they've absolutely had his back.

The NYT front page story defusing and debunking Ayers, and Reuters and AP tearing into Palin for her use of race and her Ayers attacks have been really helpful.

Trust them? Not for a nanosecond. Glad they're doing this and grudgingly grateful? As La Barracuda would say: Ya bettcha.

Then an interesting (and now deleted) response:

Posted by debbierlus on Sun Oct-05-08 06:56 PM

No. The MSM didn't all of a sudden have an ephipany. And, yes, talking heads are still just that; talking heads.

Don't you get it?

Obama is the corporte candidate. They can't keep with the Republicans. The repukes can't hold it together. However, Obama is fine with keeping health insurance in the privatized sector (and I am sorry, as long as the for-profit leeches continue to hold, we won't change the healthcare system). He LED support for the bail-out bill. It is already coming out that it most likely won't work and we will need a ton more money. Many more feasible plans were offered but Obama stuck right with it. Many people (including people here on this board) simply could not understand why Obama didn't fight it. The people hated it. And, the plan won't work. He did it to become President, an awfully big compromise to have to make. I will let you decide, if that was right or wrong.

The choice is simple. Support Obama or face revolution. They can keep him on check on the big things. They still control the board.

So, don't worry. The election is basically won. McCain won't get in.
And of course, FrenchieRat has to have her say. The conversation goes thusly:

Wow....that's a lot of implying a whole lot of FrenchieCat Oct-05-08 06:58 PM #29

People hate to hear it. Sorry. It's true. The bail-out showed this truth. debbierlus Oct-05-08 07:20 PM #35

What you miss, and unfortunately for you, what makes you wrong FrenchieCat Oct-05-08 07:33 PM #38
(Sorry, only got the titles of posts before they deleted)

But I loved these two:
Barack Obama is not Che Guevara. And we don't need Che Guevara. msallied Oct-05-08 07:00 PM #31

oh shove it debbie dear. most people here know exactly what kind shit stirrer you are- and your post is more brand debbie mindless cant. cali Oct-05-08 07:01 PM #32
Wonder what she really wanted to say there, dear, sweet cali. :D