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  1. #1 Obama extends deadline to Christmas Eve (rewrites law AGAIN!) 
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    Meanwhile, the website is down.

    ObamaCare Website Crashes on Deadline Day

    Monday, December 23rd, is the official deadline for individuals to apply for coverage through the exchanges, to ensure they have insurance by January 1st. Unfortunately for those trying to get coverage, the ObamaCare website is crashing today. Three months of "fixes" and a "tech surge" have failed to address the fundamental software problems in the exchanges.

    The Obama Administration seemed to have anticipated potential problems with the website on Monday. Over the weekend, it quietly extended the deadline for an additional day, until midnight on Christmas Eve. Some number of Americans will spend Christmas Eve night struggling with the website and trying to obtain health insurance. For many, the coverage through the website will simply replace health insurance they had before ObamaCare came into effect.

    The new deadline means insurers will only have a week to process applications and determine whether additional information is needed. It is very likely, then, that many Americans will go into the new year thinking they have coverage when they don't....
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    T'was the night before Christmas And each way you turned,
    Obamacare websites had crashed and had burned.
    The children were desperately scratching their noggins,
    trying to figure a safe way to login.
    And I in my jammies and my wife in her dress,
    were talking about how this became such a mess.
    When out of our laptop, arose so much smoking
    I thought that the kids must be practical joking.
    But alas, our hard drive had irreparable harm
    and threatened to set off the house smoke alarm.
    Away to the window I flew like a flash,
    Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.
    When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
    But a scrawny politico with ginormous ears,
    With a program so utterly gone off the track,
    I knew in a moment he must be Barack.
    More rapid than tweets did his courtiers come,
    And their names from a teleprompter, he read one by one:
    "Now, Matthews! now, Schultz! now Maddow and Combes!
    On, Sebelius! on, Carney! on, Reid and Pelosi!
    To the Sunday news shows! to the capitol mall!
    Now spin away! spin away! spin away all!"
    So up to the housetop the courtiers they flew
    With a stack of blank forms, for Obamacare too—
    And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the ceiling
    The clatter of overwrought media feelings.
    As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
    Into the room came Barack with a bound.
    He was dressed in a suit, and each tailored piece,
    showed the perfection of his pants leg crease;
    A bundle of forms he had flung on his back,
    And he looked like a tired political hack.
    His eyes—they were dull. His demeanor defensive!
    His ears were like pie plates, his suit was expensive!
    His grim little mouth was drawn up like a scowl,
    And his cigarette breath was noxiously foul;
    He was skinny and lean, a malevolent djinn,
    And I cringed when I saw him, and took it all in;
    He said that the website would soon be up running,
    And that all of the glitches 'til now were just funning;
    He said that he'd never delay his own act,
    but he'd issue some waivers to push each part back.
    He played on class warfare and then the race card,
    then said buying insurance turned out to be hard.
    On and on, he went, until I gave a shrug
    then I walked to the 'prompter and pulled out the plug.
    His speech disappeared and he stammered and stuttered
    and he grew more confused at each point he had uttered.
    Then I said, "Your plan sucks. It's a lie and a pose.
    You promised free healthcare, but we pay through the nose."
    "You said that our plans and our doctors we'd keep,
    you treated us like we were idiot sheep."
    Then he smiled and he plugged in the 'prompter again,
    and said, "I'd like to stay, but my tee time's at ten."
    "You wanted a lunch that was free, did you not?
    You cannot blame me for the crap that you've got."
    He sprang to the roof, as an aid brushed his clothes,
    And away they all flew away, while he looked down his nose.
    But I heard him exclaim, ere he flew out of range—
    “You can hope all you want, but you're stuck with the change!”
    Sic Hacer Pace, Para Bellum.

    Before you can do things for people, you must be the kind of man who can get things done. But to get things done, you must love the doing, not the people!
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    Are you writing all this stuff?
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    Janet Lehman says, "I will never forget the day my son Jeremy told me he hated me and slammed the door in my face. That's why I created the total transformation...."

    I wonder if Jeremy will ever forget that his psycho bitch mother went on national radio to capitalize on his childhood.
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    Even the California Exchange--one of the few touted successes--is having problems behind the scenes. One stunner: 53% of all CA exchange enrollees got Medicaid.

    Showpiece California Obamacare Program Failing

    The state of California has been touted by the media as the leading indicator of the possible success of Obamacare. Having enrolled some 53,510 people in the first three days of last week, California’s pace of enrollment is accelerating, despite the state’s tepid initial enrollment numbers of just 109,296 enrollments from October 1, until November 30. A large part of that acceleration is no doubt due to the fact that December 23 marks the end of the enrollment period for coverage beginning on January 1.

    But the problems extend far beyond number of enrollments in California. In the state, just 21 percent of those enrolled through December 7 were aged 18-34 – precisely the portion of the population that President Obama needs to sign up to subsidize the Obamacare scheme. The new catastrophic plans being presented for young people represent just 1% of plans chosen by those enrolling. And of those who signed up through December 7, only 47% actually bought a private insurance plan, meaning that the majority signed up for Medicaid, which is actually a simple cost to the state with no inflow of cash from those who enroll.

    Meanwhile, even those who want to enroll have been locked out by the failing California technological system. The Los Angeles Times reports, “The state's three call centers have been swamped, plagued by average wait times of 30 minutes, with many consumers unable to get through. California is short of enrollment counselors who can assist people in person.” And thanks to paperwork failures, the state is now encouraging those who have enrolled to start sending checks to their insurance companies before receiving invoices. On the last day of enrollment, the lines at Covered California are busy.

    And Covered California has had a series of privacy mishaps as well. Thanks to consumers failing to fill in their full applications, Covered California has handed out enrollee contact information to third party insurance agents in possible violation of law. Just a few days ago, Covered California sent out flawed eligibility notices to almost 114,000 households, too.

    California will have to enroll some 700,000 people by March in order to hit its marks. If those enrollees are disproportionately Medicaid enrollees, the system will not be sustainable. California officials, despite their outward bravado, must be nervous.
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    I don't see why the libs aren't protesting this debacle. Can you imagine if Bush tried to implement such a monstrosity and have it fail time and time again?

    Conservatives have jobs and don't have much time to protest....but if this were reversed, I guarantee you, the libs would be occupying the White House lawn on a daily basis.
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