"These people" (the libtards hate that) are just insane...

Mon Dec 23, 2013, 07:29 PM
Cooley Hurd

Dear Fox News; thank you for making Christmas SUCK!

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I work in Medical Software and speak to my clients on a daily basis. Clients who are of different religions and ethnic backgrounds. Because of this, and because I'm respectful, I wish all who I speak to on the phone a "Happy Holiday" this time of year.

Well, some intolerant Fox News watcher, when I wished them this all-encompassing greeting, YELLED at me on the phone today, "It's Christmas!!" Yeah... actually fucking YELLED at me! Stunned, I said, "um, and you too." I hung up, dejected and saddened.

Happy Holidays has been an accepted greeting for as long as I can remember. We had some silly paper thing that hung on our front door throughout the 60's and 70's that said "Happy Holidays" and, for the life of me NO one ever objected to it! Fast-forward 40 years and NOW silly assholes who watch this God-awful, intolerant cable news network now ATTACK those who offer this greeting.

Fox News, you just plain suck for ruining this time of year with your divisive bullshit. You are NOT "champions of Christmas". You are helping destroy it.
Cooley dude can tell over the phone if you're a Fox News person!!! Is that cool and "special"???

So...in dipshits mind, Fox is ruining Christmas!!! And people yell at him on the phone! Pretty cooley!!!