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    Quote Originally Posted by Novaheart View Post
    I don't wish people a merry Christmas unless they wish me one, and when they do I respond, "And you too." or "You have a merry Christmas too." It's not that I worry about people being of different cultures or even averse to Christmas, it's just not something I feel the need to do. I don't wish people "Happy Thanksgiving" and I have always thought that "Happy Easter" was inappropriate.

    I try to avoid shaking hands with people, friends or strangers. It's an anachronism, and I usually want to wipe my hand before and wash it afterward. I don't like to share elevators. I wish grocery clerks who have colds would stay home, and I support mandatory paid sick days from employers.

    I have all I can do to put up with the people I love, the affection of strangers holds no interest or fascination for me.
    Merry Christmas, Mr Sunshine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elspeth View Post
    So, you think he really has a job. I thought that was the biggest bouncy indicator in the piece.
    I do, wasn't enough there to show as a bouncy.

    No indepth details on who said what.

    No indepth details of his facial expressions for each word said.

    No revelation made by the guy on the other end, or "I showed him"
    Klaatu barada nikto
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    .. and a life.
    ...and a brain....
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    Hmm... so FNC created the expression Merry Christmas? And you wonder why we call you DUmmies?
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