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    This story is so much bullshit. It never happened and I can prove it.

    Sis-in-law and sis-in-law (Her partner) are going to have poker party/bonfire on Saturday night. They go to the place where one of them works to get some firewood.
    Okay, they went to the store, parked and went in to buy firewood.

    While loading the wood into their car,
    Firewood bought and being loaded.

    the boss lady comes out to help
    Problem #1: when have you ever been loading something up by yourself and suddenly had someone from the store - much less THE BOSS - suddenly come out to help. Usually, a stockperson helps move the items out to the vehicle and helps load it.

    and notices the Obama sticker (I gave her a few when I was there this past summer)on the back window of the car.
    Sticker is currently in the back window. It's not on the back window or on the bumper, but IN the back window. That denotes that the sticker is on the inside of the glass.

    Boss lady: You aren't supporting Obama are you?! He's for letting babies die if they are born alive during abortions!!

    Sis-in-law: (knowing there's no inroads with that argument)Says, there are more important issues than abortion in this election.

    Boss lady: Like what?

    Sis-in-law: Like foreign policy, the economy.

    Boss lady: Like you care about foreign policy!

    Sis-in-law just let it drop, it is her partners boss after all, not to mention a losing battle.
    Bounce, bounce, bounce.

    But, noticed as she was leaving the parking lot, that her Obama sticker had been peeled off!
    Now wait a sec. When did that happen? They were loading up the firewood, the boss comes out to help, notices the sticker, they have an exchange, presumably the boss leaves either after the exchange or after they finish loading the wood and enter they vehicle, so at what point did the sticker get removed? Did the boss sneak back when they were piling into the vehicle and quickly remove the sticker?

    And isn't it convenient that the sticker was in/on the window instead of the bumper so that they could notice it had suddenly vanished?

    Complete and utter bullshit. No believability whatsoever. No conversion. No DUmp monkey win. Negative ten billion bongs.
    "I was... ordered to drop my pants, bend over and spread my cheeks."
    --RagingInMiami achieving the DUmp's highest level of nirvana
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    Two bongs. One for confrontation and another for alleged desruction by republican.

    I'm sure the story is false. It clams the Obamatron is employed. The DUmpers aren't. :D
    If leftists didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.
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    And isn't it convenient that the sticker was in/on the window instead of the bumper so that they could notice it had suddenly vanished?
    No mystery. If this was a typical left wingers car then the rear window was the only place without a bumper sticker on it. If it was put on a dirty window then it could have come off on its own.

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