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I remember when we had to alternate odd and even license plate gas buying days.
Is it time for DU to alternate XX and XY chromosome posting days? Because GD is getting pretty fucking toxic.
LOL. Liberals are so caught up in identity politics that the men and women can't get along on DU without demonizing each other.
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1. I think it's by design. I think a few rabble rousers are pushing the men vs. women debate to divide

us. We have to remember anyone can be a member here and some don't have good intentions. Don't fall for it folks. There's some here pushing Third Way right now, and there are a few who subtly push anti-Obama or anti-Hillary stuff on a regular basis. (Not the regular debate, or sincere posters who have an issue with either Obama or Clinton, that's normal).

I remember (I was about 6 or 7 yrs old) when they decreased the speed limit to 55 to save gas. I remember during the OPEC Oil embargo all the signs and ads for reducing electricity, fuel and other energy sources. Remember the "Kalaka" campaign? (I think that's what it was called) that was about carpooling to work and had a Noah's Ark type theme?
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2. I have trashed at least a dozen threads in the last day or so--probably way more.

I wish the admins would do a "meta study" of this business, and see if they can't "connect the dots" to figure out where this crap is coming from.

This isn't real, this crazy poutrage and drama--from both sides. It's overblown crap, and the shit stirring is just getting tiresome.

I really think there's some trolling going on up in here.
Yes that's DU as well: always blame a "troll" rather than their own incivility and the Democrats propensity to put everyone into groups with some groups winners and others losers.