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Contempt for religion is not the same as opposition to the Freedom Of Religion. Likewise, opposing the imposition of religion on the people and or through the government is not opposition to Freedom Of Religion. Your Freedom Of Religion is as secure today as it was when you were born.
No sadly it's been restricted quite a lot in the last 45 years...and people like you would like to see it driven from the country for good.

All religious practices are not protected under the constitution. Like any other right, your right to exercise your religion does not include imposing it on others.
Nothing's been imposed on anyone. There is no Church of the United States.

How so?
Do we really need to post your long and undistinguised history of jumping on the bandwagon?

So far several judges and a whole lot of other people of letters disagree with you. The only people who agree with you don't seem to be able to articulate their position without employing religion.
Activist judges who see "rights" where there are none. Define "a whole lot"? 1-3% of the population in a country of 310 million is not a "whole lot".

I've articulated my position very well without bringing religion into it. Focus here Nova...quit trying to take snide side swipes at other members in your responses to me.