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I did misquote -

As this bill analysis accurately recognizes, this court‟s granting of a law license to undocumented immigrants would not override or otherwise affect the federal limitations upon the employment of undocumented immigrants.
Nonetheless, for a number of reasons we conclude that existing federal limitations on the employment of undocumented immigrants do not justify excluding undocumented immigrants from admission to the State Bar.

The Opinion

I did enjoy Judge Chin's comments at the end. But the final end was all due to the CA fruits and nuts who hold office in Sacramento as they passed the law when needed to make no other option for the court..

Don't worry. This is a sticky case where state and Federal law now produce a contradictory set of requirements. Ultimately, Sergio's case will hit SCOTUS right around the time when Obama decides to push amnesty. Cue the propaganda, the tearful media, the demonization of anyone wanting the rule of law to mean anything, and the wimpy GOP wanting the Hispanic vote. It's going to be a bloody mess.