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    Here's the link to that whitish colored pot that I got from West Elm. I noticed today that they have an additional 15% off if you use the code LONGWKND

    I bought a green pan (a brand name or type of "green" safe pan) today. I got the 12" frypan, which is not supposed to emit dangerous chemicals if heated too high. I need that because SR turns up the heat a lot more than I do, which probably causes those nonstick pans to start peeling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elspeth View Post
    I was looking at Macy's. Any thoughts on this:
    I have a set of Revereware and they take a lot of work to keep pretty.
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    Ive got some Calfalon and they are fine but dont non stick as well as non stick ones. I have a large skillet thats an Emeril brand but made by all clad. I would suggest y4ou read up on when to use non stick vs steel. steel really is the right thing sometimes. Also look at a large cast iron pot. They are obviously terrific for soups and stews but more than that. aGet the ceramic coated one for easy care. La Crusette are quite good but obscenely expensive and no better than reasonably priced ones. Check for max temp for oven use, dont want too low. 500 degree ones or thereabouts. Sets are nice but dont feel as though its importent. I buysingle pieces wherever (TJMaxx is worth watching) and that way I get what I know I actually use. Heavy is what you want to look for brand not so important.
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    I use Volraith pans. They have a utilitarian appearance due to their restaurant quality, but cook better, imo. Food sticks to stainless due to the roughness of the bottom. When purchasing pans, rub your fingernail across the bottom. If you feel anything at all, food will stick. Volraith pans are smooth as silk.

    For my "pretty" pans on display and use when copper is needed, I have 2.5 mm hammered Mauviel. Thankfully, I purchased them before copper went through the roof or I would not have any now. For example, I paid $65 on eBay for this exact stock pot with lid 5 or 6 years ago.
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    I bought a set of Ameriware non-stick pans in 2004 and they're still going strong, except for my 6 inch, which I used for eggs and omelettes. Basically wore it out.

    Ameriware has an incredibly thick cast aluminum bottom. Even heating.

    They're just so god-awful expensive.
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    I need to replace mine-I have a set my mom bought me at BBB when I moved into my current house. I think the set was $20. The coating is starting to come off the pot that I use the most.
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