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  1. #1 U.S. appeals court kills net neutrality 
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    I remember years ago being angry with AOL. Back then I relished the idea that one day a Japanese company would beam the internet to us from outer space and we wouldn't have to put up with AOL's bullshit. Well, it's not coming from outer space, but we don't have to put up with AOL's bullshit anymore. And if Brighthouse and Comcast and Verizon start screwing with us, I feel confident that technology will displace them too. There may be a limited number of providers who can run a cable into my house, but to the best of my knowledge any cellphone company can sell mobile hotspots.

    Also, citizens can put pressure on their local governments to do away with the cable/fios/dsl monopolies entirely by hooking up citywide open Wifi.
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