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  1. #1 Iran Foreign Minister: WH Wrong About Deal, 'We Did Not Agree to Dismantle Anything' 
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    Seems pretty clear to me. Apparently not to Fearless Leader...

    5:44 PM, Jan 22, 2014• By DANIEL HALPER

    Foreign Minister Zarif of Iran said on CNN that the White House is getting the nuclear deal wrong -- and that they don't have to give up anything:

    May the FORCE be with you!
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    I am sure the wooden dummy in the white house is well aware that they give up nothing, this was his intention all along.
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    I haven't read it, assuming it's even all public which I seem to recall it isn't, but what was initially said publicly was not really about dismantling anything, but more along the lines that they had agreed to stop enriching to higher levels than they already have, and to somewhat check the pace of refining and enriching more ore to that level (The received wisdom on that is that the Iranians have a bunch of 20 percent already, which is twice as rich as necessary for reactor fuel, if still a long way from weapons grade). I suspect the Administration POV may be more a matter of wishful thinking and their own slant on interpretation rather than a strictly-unassailable and correct reading of the text.
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    (CNN) -- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif insisted Wednesday that the Obama administration mischaracterizes concessions by his side in the six-month nuclear deal with Iran, telling CNN in an exclusive interview that "we did not agree to dismantle anything."

    Zarif told CNN Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto that terminology used by the White House to describe the agreement differed from the text agreed to by Iran and the other countries in the talks -- the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany.

    "The White House version both underplays the concessions and overplays Iranian commitments" under the agreement that took effect Monday, Zarif said in Davos, Switzerland, where he was attending the World Economic Forum.

    As part of the accord, Iran was required to dilute its stockpile of uranium that had been enriched to 20%, well above the 5% level needed for power generation but still below the level for developing a nuclear weapon.

    In addition, the deal mandated that Iran halt all enrichment above 5% and "dismantle the technical connections required to enrich above 5%," according to a White House fact sheet issued in November after the initial agreement was reached.

    Zarif accused the Obama administration of creating a false impression with such language.

    "The White House tries to portray it as basically a dismantling of Iran's nuclear program. That is the word they use time and again," he said, urging Sciutto to read the actual text of the agreement. "If you find a single, a single word, that even closely resembles dismantling or could be defined as dismantling in the entire text, then I would take back my comment."

    He repeated that "we are not dismantling any centrifuges, we're not dismantling any equipment, we're simply not producing, not enriching over 5%."

    "You don't need to over-emphasize it," Zarif said of the White House language.

    A separate summary sent out by the White House last week did not use the word dismantle.

    Iranian and U.S. officials have tried to sell the nuclear agreement to domestic opponents in their respective countries who could scuttle it.

    Iranian officials have called the interim pact a victory and said it failed to halt the nation's nuclear development program, while U.S. officials say the agreement essentially froze Iran's nuclear program and rolled back some capabilities....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockntractor View Post
    I am sure the wooden dummy in the white house is well aware that they give up nothing, this was his intention all along.

    It seems that you are correct.

    We didn't stop their weapons program at all; they can go nuke any time now.

    We're now in deep sh*t and the guys at the WH are patting each other on the back because nuclear Iran was what they were aiming for.
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    Maybe kerry hired that south african guy to translate.
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