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    I particularly love the bouncies. Story after story so full of bullcrap that it could be used to fertilize every farm field in America 5 times over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Wood View Post
    It's great entertainment. Granted, it was a lot funnier back in '04-'05, but there's still some pretty amusing stuff.

    To this very day I laugh out loud thinking about cops jumping out of bushes or "proof" that 9/11 was an inside job using cinder blocks and chicken wire. Or my personal favorite: some deranged DUmmy getting so upset about Bush getting re-elected that he literally threw the Thanksgiving tofurkey through the plate glass window of his parents' home.
    I missed the tofurkey toss! Link! Please!

    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    It's unfortunate that more of our country's enemies are not as inept as the people at DU.
    If they were, they'd never get elected.

    Quote Originally Posted by DumbAss Tanker View Post
    Why, yes I was. M60A1s, right before the M1s went into full fielding. And a very long time in the Army and Army Reserve after that, doing other things.
    When I went through, armor was a 19 series (I was a 19D and then a 12A, which was the armor officer MOS, until I completed SPLC and was awarded the 12C designation) and the tankers were 19E and 19K (for dumbass tankers and computerized dumbass tankers, otherwise known as M-60 track and M-1 track, respectively), although my unit was one of the last to transition from M-48A5s.

    Ah, good times at FT Knox...
    Sic Hacer Pace, Para Bellum.

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