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  1. #1 For those involved in GOTV efforts 
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    Thu Jan 30, 2014, 10:00 PM
    For those involved in GOTV efforts

    just a small critique.

    We have a special election coming up. We have gotten so far not one, not two, five calls, two of them within 20 minutes, supporting one candidate.

    I will not commit my support for a candidate to ANYBODY on multiple grounds.

    1.- The vote is secret in the US. (At least I used to believe such, I know, silly wabbitt)

    2.- We are MEDIA. As such we need to pretend to be neutral.

    If you work a GOTV effort, and you are told do not call back, you risk voters saying fuck it, I will vote for the other guy (not likely in this case,) but, it might backfire that way, or just staying home. Realize we know the agendas for both candidates probably better than GOTV volunteers, since frack it, we are covering the damn race! And one of these two is down right scary.

    Yup, just sent same criticism to the parent organization manning the phone banks.

    Next step will be to call the registrar to see how the fuck I remove myself from the GOTV lists!!!! I really do not care to get them from either side. (Though I am expecting the elections are on Wednesday this time around, they did it last time)
    nadin, babbling away...

    Gee, I wonder what side she votes for????
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    We are MEDIA. As such we need to pretend to be neutral.
    And by pretend she means manipulating sound bites and ad hominem attack
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    " pretend to be neutral "

    CU's Paranormal Expert.

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