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  1. #1 Atlanta Storm Was a Government Conspiracy? Snow Way! 
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    Here at BA Central I see a lot of truly ridiculous conspiracy theories. Over the years there’s been the Moon Hoax, various asteroids NASA was covering up that would hit the Earth (or wipe us out somehow via electricity), and of course the end of the Earth over and over and over again.

    Yet happily, we’re still here. Yet sadly, so are these silly theories.

    A new one is making the rounds, and it’s so forehead-slappingly silly that at first I ignored it. Sometimes these things die on their own, and I need not waste precious brain cells debunking them. But this one, unfortunately, is making the rounds on YouTube and Facebook, so it’s time to melt it away.

    Literally. The claim is that the snow that fell on Atlanta last week wasn’t actually snow. It’s unclear what these folks think the powdery white stuff was, but some of the claims involve chemtrails (of course!), mind-altering chemicals, and nanobots.
    Snow won't melt

    Here is where it gets weird. Some people went outside and made snowballs. Then—and I have no clue who would think to do this in the first place, but there you go—they held a lighter to the snowball. What they claimed then is that the snow didn’t melt and drip away as you’d expect. That’s odd enough, but then they saw scorch marks on the snowball! Ice can’t burn, so why were there black streaks on the snowballs?

    Can you guess what’s going on here? I had my suspicions, so I decided to test this myself; over the weekend we had a lovely snowfall in Boulder, Colo., so what nature provided I utilized. Here’s the video:
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    ZOMG!!!! Someone alert spooked911 over at DU!!! And maybe OctaFish too,
    just to be safe!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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