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  1. #1 Oh, who gives a damn about all this? 
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    Tue Feb 4, 2014, 02:07 AM

    Oh, who gives a damn about all this?

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    I put up a post challenging DU to come up with an actual plan for public financing of Federal elections. It's the most important issue in politics, because money is what has transformed our country into one that is for the biggest donors, by the biggest donors. I put down what I thought were initial steps towards that, and really thought that the intelligence and inventiveness I've seen here could come up with something workable to present to one of a few national politicians interested in this.

    Nothing anyone says or writes about politics will be worth a bucket of warm spit until there are Constitutional amendments barring corporate money and providing for Federal financing of national elections.

    What did I get? Zero responses. Zero. I suppose I could have gotten close to a hundred responses with the right Super Bowl post. Perhaps I could have gotten closer to two hundred if I'd said something inflammatory about men's right groups. Or circumcision. Or something else that means fuck-all to the reality that this board's stance on any issue means nothing to anyone that counts as long as $$ count for more than anything else.

    I hoped for a constructive response. Or, hell, a response of any kind. Instead, there's nothing but navel-gazing. This place is, in its own way, just as much of a bad political cartoon as Free Republic is.
    Poor widdle baby
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post

    Poor widdle baby
    All he had to do was mention Olive Garden.
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    YellowDawg is surprised by the silence???
    Can anyone be that DUmb??

    Silly puppy! Reality sux.
    The fact is, that most all DUmmies realize that if the playing field were ever leveled, by publicly (and presumably OPENLY) controlling political funding, the Libs are DONE!
    Then it becomes an election of issues, not a case of who has the most $$$ to create the biggest mud-slinging armory.

    Of course, it all hinges on enforcement, and transparency.
    And that is working out SO well these days!
    /sarcasm off/

    Social Order at the expense of Liberty is hardly a bargain - Marquis de Sade
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