intersting story. has to do with Pearl Harbor. the Japanese told their pilots if they can't make it back to the fleet to head for an uninhabited island called Niihau. land, and a sub would pick them up. they were attacked by US warplanes on their way back. this is about a zero pilot named Shigenori Nishikaichi who was forced to to fly to Niihau because of battle damage. including a punchered fuel tank. when he and another pilot arrived they were surpised to find the island was inhabited. by unfriendly natives who kept all foreigners out strickly taboo. known as the forbidden island
Niihau is the is the furthermost western island in the Hawaiian chain

The island Nishikaichi was about to land on was strictly kapu, or forbidden, to any outside member of the public. In 1864, King Kamehameha V had sold Niihau to the Robinson family, in whose hands it has since remained. The native Niihauans–and the Robinson family, for whom most of them work–were and still are a fiercely independent lot. In 1959, Niihau was the one out of Hawaii's 240 precincts to vote against statehood.

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even today Niihau is still forbidden