Yet more DUmmie projection.

Prefer (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-12-08 11:18 AM
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Terminated my friendship with the lady over Obama Edited on Thu Jun-12-08 11:18 AM by Prefer

That old bat is cracked.

Sent her the bit about the "fist jab" reporter being canned and she said "Why would you send this to me? I think this internet relationship is over"

So I put all her emails in a folder out of the way and deleted her email address from my contacts and also deleted the link to her health blog.

Good riddance. I am not wasting my time on someone who is mentally ill, which is my assessment of the situation.

If you are working against Obama, you have a problem in my opinion.

You never know when someone who has been you friend for 7 years is going to turn out to be a sicko.
Pot, meet kettle.

They spend the rest of the thread until it's locked arguing amongst themselves, but I love to see their little heads explode :D