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  1. #1 Antioxidants including vitamin E can promote lung cancer 
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    Antioxidants including vitamin E can promote lung cancer: study

    By Sharon Begley10 hours ago

    By Sharon Begley

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - A decades-old medical mystery - why antioxidants such as vitamin E and beta carotene seemed to accelerate the growth of early lung tumors in high-risk populations such as smokers, rather than protect them from cancer, as theory suggests - may have been solved, according to research published on Wednesday.
    In essence, "antioxidants allow cancer cells to escape cells' own defense system" against tumors, biologist Per Lindahl of Sweden's University of Gothenburg and a co-author of the study told reporters. That lets existing tumors, even those too small to be detected, proliferate uncontrollably.
    The findings imply that "taking extra antioxidants might be harmful and could speed up the growth of (any) tumors," said biologist and co-author Martin Bergo of Gothenburg, adding, "If I had a patient with lung cancer, I would not recommend they take an antioxidant."


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    My doc years ago told me to stop taking Vit E pills. Glad that SR and I didn't waste any more money on them.

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