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    You're a nut, I like Amy Winehouse music but I will admit I think she is a twit!!

    Widen your horizons from Madonna and get into good woman artists, like Sade, or maybe Bonnie Raitt or Susan Tedeschi .

    Sweet Sarah will be President while people say Madonna?Who?! (2012)
    That's exactly the point. If you like Amy Winehouse's music (which I don't btw), why do you give a shit about her personal life. Her art is her music.

    I like a lot of popular female artists, including Sade, Cindy Lauper, Annie Lennox, and Bonnie Tyler. What you, and other people here don't seem to get, is that unless the political views of an artist overly infringe upon their artistic work, e.g. Tim Robbins, then who cares?. For example, I can certainly appreciate The Boss and The Piano Man, even though they support the eevvviiiilllll Obama! :eek:

    And, if you think Sweet Sarah will be president in 2012, I'll certainly take that bet. :D
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